What is “geo targeting,” and why is it the advertising model of the future?

Geo targeting in geomarketing and internet marketing is the method of determining the geolocation (the physical location) of a website visitor and delivering different content to that visitor based on his or her location, such as country, region/state, city, metro code/zip code, organization, Internet Protocol (IP) address, ISP or other criteria. Wikipedia

With geo targeting, you don’t pick your advertising web site, you pick your advertising viewer. In today’s global world, the location of a web publisher bears almost no relationship to the location of a viewer. A wine lover in Philadelphia is as likely to read Palate Press: The online wine magazine, based in Indianapolis, as he is the locally produced 1 Wine Dude. Indeed, he is likely to read both, along with CheapWineRatings.Com (Cincinnati), Winehiker Witiculture (Napa Valley), and Boozemonkey (Sydney, Australia). With geo targeting and The Palate Press Advertising Network, you can reach that potential customer with every click.

How does it work?

When you put an ad on the internet, this is who you reach, the whole world. Unfortunately, your target audience is a little smaller than that. You have taken the first step by putting your ad on The Palate Press Advertising Network. The only people within that target that are seeing your product are wine lovers.

With geo targeting, you don’t have to aim your product at the whole world. Do you do business throughout the United States, or Europe, or Australia? Pick a continent, and we can target it.

Too big? No problem. Do you have a regional wine store, or are you promoting a big event? Why tell people in Boise about a festival in Philly? With The Palate Press Advertising Network and geo targeting, you can pick your audience. Do you want to run an ad from New York to Philadelphia? How about just in New York and Philadelphia, and nothing in between? We can do that.

Do you have a local wine shop? You don’t ship? Your potential customer base is in a city or town? We can do that, too. The wine lover down the street, the one you want to reach, might not be reading her local web site. Indeed, she is more likely to be reading Palate Press: The online wine magazine, or St. Louis Eats and Drinks, than localwine.com. But if your advertising is on The Palate Press Advertising Network she will see it every time. Not just that, but as she surfs from web site to web site, she sees your ad on all the different sites she has come to know and trust.

The Palate Press Advertising Network will deliver your message to your customers, wherever they are, from almost a hundred different fine wine web sites. Because we understand what your target really is, and we want to help you hit it.

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