U.S. wine bloggers are invited by The Cognac Board and The Palate Press Advertising Network to compete in the 2012 Cognac Writing Contest. Write a post about Cognac for a chance to win one of these amazing prizes:

- $500 or an all-expenses paid trip to France for the Cognac Blues Passions Festival and tours of Cognac. An amazing five day festival of music, sponsored by the finest spirits in the world. Tour the vineyards and Cognac houses, listen to the music, find your next great story.

- $500 or an all-expenses paid trip to France for the yearly charity auction with the most prestigious brands, La Part des Anges (Angel’s Share). Enjoy a fabulous gala dinner in one of the famed Cognac houses. Tour the vineyards and Cognac houses and meet the legendary Cognac producers.

There are very few limits (please see the rules, below) to what you can write about Cognac. Write about the product, the grapes, the wine that makes it different from every other distilled spirit. Write about the terroir, or Cognac cocktails. Just write to win.

The Rules

The contest is sponsored by The Cognac Board, with the support of the European Union and France. There are a few legal requirements for your story to be considered by the judges.

  1. Please, no talk of sex.
  2. Please, the stories should not be about, or mention, “white” Cognac and/or any specific brand.
  3. Only U.S. bloggers may participate without pre-approval. Non-US sites with significant readership and 50% or more US readership interested in participating should send the information to Cognac@palatepress.com for pre-approval.
  4. Please submit stories to Cognac@palatepress.com prior to publication. The Cognac Board’s legal department will quickly review to assure they can include the entry in the contest and affix their logos. Upon approval from the Board, we will respond with the logos and legal disclaimer to be included with the post, as well as unique StatCounter codes for each entry.
  5. The first round of judging will be based upon how many page views the post receives, so the sooner you post, the more you can promote the post and get seen.
  6. The second round of judging will be done by a panel of judges from the U.S. and France.
  7. The last day to enter is March 15, 2012.

Good luck.


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