Palate Press is excited to announce a new kind of flash sale, Palate Press FLASH!. In the past, flash sales were controlled by the flash sites. They demanded huge discounts, took a big cut off the discounted price, and kept all the customer contact to themselves. With The Palate Press Advertising Network, we can create a new kind of flash sale. The winery picks the discount, the winery keeps the profits, and the winery gets the customer contact. Here’s how it works:

First, decide how many views you want and whether you want to run your sale for one day or two:

24-hour flash sale

  • 10,000 impressions – $110*
  • 25,000 impressions – $250*
  • 50,000 impressions – $475*

48-hour flash sale

  • 20,000 impressions – $200*
  • 50,000 impressions – $450*
  • 100,000 impressions – $900*

*Take a 10% discount if you refer another winery for a Palate Press FLASH! sale and they participate in the program.

Second, pick your geo-targeted area, telling us just the States you can ship to, so you don’t waste a single impression.

Third, pick your discount. We ask for a minimum 30% discount based upon our experience. Flash sales have spoiled consumers, and 20% discounts don’t draw any click-throughs. People also like free shipping. Put the discount on the wine, not the shipping.

Fourth, create a piece of art. We suggest a bottle shot, label, or logo, the discount percentage in large letters, and some copy about the wine. The copy usually includes a description, a review, a score, or a combination of the three. We need the art in all four standard sizes, 120×600, 160×600, 300×250, and 728×90. The art need to be place in these four frames. We will send you the frames when you inquire about Palate Press Flash.


120×600                160×600                         300×250

Fifth, give us a date range for your sale. These are work-intensive campaigns for us and we prefer to load them at least a week at a time, with two week’s lead time. Once we schedule the sale we will give you the date it will run. Then just wait for it and sell your wine.

Sixth, change the price on your website for the scheduled date and, if you can, add the Palate Press FLASH! Logo. The sales and the customers belong you to, not to Palate Press.

Palate Press FLASH!, a flash program for wineries, not flash sites.

Sign up today for Palate Press FLASH!

Welcome to Palate Press FLASH!, the only wine flash sales program designed around the winery, not the flash site. With Palate Press FLASH! you only pay for the notice to customers. We don't take a cut and we don't get between you and the customer.

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